Hidden content #3: blindness and insight. The ‘unseen’ as victim of the differend. The visible made invisible by the eyes that do not see; the expression denied its voice by the institution (really a complex of institutions) that determines the rules of the game. The modern bureaucratic, technocratic university, for example, and its techniques of accounting for research. Despite its public avowal and internal self-representation as both the custodian and producer of ‘the research question’ and ‘original contributions to knowledge’, can such an institution ever make way for what Heidegger, the twentieth-century’s most influential philosopher, called ‘the question’ given from ‘original thinking’? What guises could such work take, what veils must it adorn, in order to be ‘communicated’, received by the institution as properly academic work? A list of references? A recognised methodology? A testable conclusion and a corresponding statement of truth? Wouldn’t it be the case rather that such questioning would arrive in what could not be admitted as ‘research’?




Ctrl-Z: New Media Philosophy

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