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#3 (December 2013)

editors: Robert Briggs & Niall Lucy, Curtin University



Lisa Gye is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at Swinburne University. Her research interests include investigating the social and cultural impacts of media production and media technologies. She is the co-creator, with Darren Tofts, of the remix projects Classical Gas and The Secret Gestural Prehistory of Mobile Devices.


Trent MacDonald is a PhD student at RMIT University, working on institutional innovation, with a focus on unbundled and non-territorial systems of governance. His research interests include evolutionary and complexity economics, political economy, and the economics of sport and culture.


Scott McQuire is Associate Professor and Reader in the Media and Communication Program at the University of Melbourne. He has a strong interest in interdisciplinary research linking the fields of new media, urbanism, contemporary art, and social theory. His recent books include The Media City: Media, Architecture and Urban Space (Sage/TCS 2008) which won the Urban Communication Foundation’s 2009 Jane Jacobs Publication Award, and the Urban Screens Reader (co-edited, 2009).


Maria Miranda is a Research Fellow at La Trobe University, and Director of Gallery Ellipsis, the online gallery of the Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe. She has recently been awarded a 3-year research fellowship from the Australian Research Council (DECRA) for the research and study of artist-run initiatives in Australia. She is co-curator of Nature in the Dark (2010-2012), a collaboration between Victorian National Parks Association and 10 invited artists, and author of Unsitely Aesthetics: Uncertain Practices in Contemporary Art (Errant Bodies Press, 2013).


Norie Neumark is Professor of Media Studies and Director, Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University. She was Senior Invited Fellow, Cornell University (2012) and in 2014 will be Visiting Professor, Aarhus University, DK. Her scholarly publications include Norie Neumark, Ross Gibson, Theo van Leeuwen, (eds) Voice: Vocal Aesthetics in Digital Arts and Media, (MIT Press, 2010); and Annmarie Chandler and Norie Neumark, (eds) At a Distance: Precursors to Internet Art and Activism (MIT Press, 2005). Her collaborative art practice with Maria Miranda has been commissioned and exhibited nationally and internationally and received numerous grants and residencies.


Jason Potts is a Professor of Economics at RMIT University, and an ARC Future Fellow, working on the economics of cooperative innovation. He has written several books and about 50 articles on evolutionary economics and the economics of creative industries. He currently writes The Price of Everything column for The Conversation.


Tony Thwaites teaches modernist literature and literary and cultural theory at the University of Queensland. His books include Reading Freud: Psychoanalysis as Cultural Theory (Sage, 2007) and Joycean Temporalities: Debts, Promises and Countersignatures (University Press of Florida, 2001), and most recently, a collection of essays on Derrida co-edited with Judith Seaboyer: Re-reading Derrida: Perspectives on Mourning and its Hospitalities (Lanham, MD: Lexington, 2013). His current project sees his interests in Joyce and psychoanalysis converge in a book on Lacanian narrative theory, with a close focus on Joyce, and a book on mathematical topology and symbolic logic in Lacan’s work from the 1960s.


Marcus Westbury is a Melbourne-based writer, broadcaster and festival director, and founder of DIY urban-culture/creative-enterprise project Renew Newcastle. He is founding director of Newcastle’s This is Not Art festival; a former director of Melbourne’s Next Wave festival; writer-presenter of the award-winning Not Quite Art series for ABCTV (2007-08); and a pioneer of online media. A regular guest on Radio National and Triple J, Westbury has hosted many shows for ABC radio in Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney. He is a weekly columnist for The Age, and his writing on the arts, media, culture and politics appears across countless websites; his work has also appeared in Meanjin, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and several anthologies. Westbury has worked with The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation and is a fellow of The Centre for Policy Development. Among many current projects, he is an active member of Renew Australia, a not-for-profit company dedicated to urban creativity. /// homepage /// twitter




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