Lynette Mallard is a member of the Centre for Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University and has worked for many years as a Nurse, Aboriginal Health worker and Health Educator within the General and Aged Care and Community Health sectors.

Ben Taylor is a Nyoongar Elder whose commitment to social justice is well known. He is a Life Member of the Deaths in Custody Watch Committee and led the Committee in 2009-2010. From the 1980s he worked hard for the recognition of native title in the southwest of Western Australia, which was finally achieved in 2006.

John Hartley is a John Curtin Distinguished Professor, a Professor of Cultural Science, and the Director of the Centre for Culture and Technology. He has published 20 books in media, journalism, cultural studies and the creative industries, including Digital Futures for Media and Cultural Studies (2012), The Uses of Digital Literacy (2009), Story Circle: Digital Storytelling Around the World (2009), The Indigenous Public Sphere: the reporting and reception of Aboriginal issues in the Australian media (with Alan McKee, 2000) and Telling Both Stories: Indigenous Australians and the Media (1996).

Maureen Culbong is a descendent from the Nyoongar, Yamaji and Yaweru people from the Southwest, Gascoyne and Kimberly regions. She has worked tirelessly for human rights based organizations and after 40 years remains active in this area in relation to elders, youths and children. Maureen worked through the Black Action Group to establish the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Springing from her parents political stand not to take up citizenship and become an honorary white, Maureen has had a life-time involvement with the tribal sovereignty movement, including Swan Brewery campaign and working to restructure the criminal justice system. Today she is a spokesperson for the Nyoongar Tent Embassy.

Preston Culbong is a member of the Nyoongar Tent Embassy, a youth advocate for Nyoongar people and a student at Edith Cowan University. He is the youngest committee member of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance.


Thor Kerr is an Early Career Development Fellow in the School of Media, Culture & Creative Arts at Curtin University. His research focuses on media and public representation in negotiations of urban space. 

Shaphan Cox is an Early Career Development Fellow in Geography in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Curtin University. His research explores reconceptualisations of space through representation.


Robert Briggs is Coordinator of Mass Communication at Curtin University and co-editor with Niall Lucy of Ctrl-Z. His research has appeared in international journals of media, communication and cultural studies.

Niall Lucy is Professor of Critical Theory at Curtin University and coeditor with Robert Briggs of Ctrl-Z. His books include A Derrida Dictionary, Pomo Oz: Fear and Loathing Downunder and (with Steve Mickler) The War on Democracy: Conservative Opinion in the Australian Press.

Steve Mickler is Head of the School of Media, Culture & Creative Arts at Curtin University. He is the author of The Myth of Privilege: Aboriginal Status, Media Visions, Public Ideas.


Setting Up the Nyoongar Tent Embassy launch