#6 (2016)


      guest editors: Jane Mummery & Debbie Rodan

Cover image by bacondrum


Editors' Introduction: New Media Animals


The Animality to Come: The Time of Transpecies Animals Approaches

… Dominique Lestel (trans. Matthew Chrulew)

Cernentia: Integrating Science and Art to Explore the Visual Perception of Lungfishes without Eyes

Audrey Appudurai, Ionat Zurr & Shaun P. Collin

Playing with Other(ed) Species: Games, Representation, and Nonhuman Animals

… Adam Brown & Deb Waterhouse-Watson

Making Change: Digital Activism and Public Pressure Regarding Livestock Welfare

… Jane Mummery, Debbie Rodan & Marnie Nolton

Performing Extinction: I, Animal and They Saw a Thylacine

… Angela Campbell

Mediation and Metaxý: The Interval between Analog Animality and Digital Humanity

… Thomas Sutherland

Y for YouTube: Are Animals the New Celebrities?

… Vinciane Despret (trans. Brett Buchanan)

Processing/Lampreys: Photo-Fiction as Digital Parasite Aesthetics

… Yvette Granata

from ABOUT to WITH

… Hörner/Antlfinger

Flick(e)ring Cockatoos: New Media as Zoopoetic Space

… John Ryan

Regarding the Dignity of Dogs: Failures of Perception in Viral Videos

… Claire Henry

Hashtag Flying Fox: ‘It’s always Halloween in Australia’

… Celeste Lawson & Mike Danaher


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