— New Media Animals


Conceived and curated by Guest Editors Jane Mummery and Debbie Rodan, Issue #6 of Ctrl-Z: New Media Philosophy explores the question of ‘New Media Animals’:


How might new media enable animals to be envisaged and engaged with as our counterparts in human technologized society? How might new media engagement with animals contribute towards cultural dialogues regarding new human-animal relations, dialogues capable of challenging the overwhelming anthropocentrism of many human societies?


Featuring contributions from Audrey Appudurai, Adam Brown, Angela Campbell, Shaun P. Collin, Mike Danaher, Vinciane Despret (trans. Brett Buchanan), Yvette Granata, Claire Henry, Hörner/Antlfinger, Celeste Lawson, Dominique Lestel (trans. Matthew Chrulew), Jane Mummery, Marnie Nolton, Debbie Rodan, John Ryan, Thomas Sutherland, Deb Waterhouse-Watson, and Ionat Zurr, the special issue offers new insights into the questions of animality and new media.




— Darren Tofts & Mark Amerika—in conversation (now online)


Ctrl-Z is pleased to announce the release of the first of its media publications: Darren Tofts & Mark Amerika—in conversation.


What might it mean to say that “ours is the time of the remix”? What happens to ideas, education, authority, media and everyday cultural practice in such a context?


Join remix theorists and artists Darren Tofts and Mark Amerika as they reflect on these and other questions, providing insight into the dimensions of remix culture—its histories, its trends, its media and its practitioners.




— In Memoriam Niall Lucy (1956-2014)


Dedicated to the memory of founding Ctrl-Z Editor Niall Lucy, Issue #4 of Ctrl-Z: New Media Philosophy is out now.