#7 (2017)


      editor: Robert Briggs

Cover image by Ursula Biemann


geo-: What's a Species to Do?

… Robert Briggs

Matters of Concern All the Way Down

… Isabelle Stengers

PyroGaia: Planetary Fire as Force and Signification

… Nigel Clark

Three Geomedia

… Sean Cubitt

Is the Earth a Medium? Situating the Planetary in Media Theory

… Chris Russill

Mediated Geographies of Everyday Life: Navigating the Ambient, Augmented and Algorithmic Geographies of Geomedia

… Peta Mitchell & Tim Highfield

Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater: Indigenous Science Queers Western Science

… Stephen Muecke

Fragility, Globalism and the End of the World

… Claire Colebrook


Notes on Contributors