Editors’ Introduction


Dominique Lestel (trans. Matthew Chrulew), The Animality to Come: The Time of Transpecies Animals Approaches


Audrey Appudurai, Ionat Zurr & Shaun P. Collin, Cernentia: Integrating Science and Art to Explore the Visual Perception of Lungfishes without Eyes


Adam Brown & Deb Waterhouse-Watson, Playing with Other(ed) Species: Games, Representation, and Nonhuman Animals


Jane Mummery, Debbie Rodan & Marnie Nolton, Making Change: Digital Activism and Public Pressure Regarding Livestock Welfare


Angela Campbell, Performing Extinction: I, Animal and They Saw a Thylacine


Thomas Sutherland, Mediation and Metaxý: The Interval between Analog Animality and Digital Humanity


Vinciane Despret (trans. Brett Buchanan), Y for YouTube: Are Animals the New Celebrities?


Yvette Granata, Processing/Lampreys: Photo-Fiction as Digital Parasite Aesthetics


Hörner/Antlfinger, from ABOUT to WITH


John Ryan, Flick(e)ring Cockatoos: New Media as Zoopoetic Space


Claire Henry, Regarding the Dignity of Dogs: Failures of Perception in Viral Videos


Celeste Lawson & Mike Danaher, Hashtag Flying Fox: ‘It’s always Halloween in Australia’





Editor’s Introduction: Research in the Humanities


Toby Miller, Humanities Bottom to Top: The Cognitariat and Publishing


Martine Corompt, Ian Haig & Darren Tofts, The Kipple Institute


John Kinsella, Et in Arcadia Ego, Not: On Collaborating with Thurston Moore


Gary Hall, What Does Academia.edu’s Success Mean for Open Access? The Data-Driven World of Search Engines and Social Networking


Robert Briggs, Who Knows? Humanities Research in ‘Computerized societies’


Lori Emerson, What’s Wrong with the Internet and How to Fix It: An Interview with John Day


Francis Russell, In Media Res: Review Essay





Editorial Note


Robert Briggs, Who Will Have Come to Have Read This? In Memory of Niall Lucy (1956-2014)


Adrian Martin, Film Theory of the Asymmetrical Prostate


Darren Tofts & Rowan Wilken, The Congress: Una Imagen Cautivadora, Oscura


Joel Gn, Addictive Bodies and Hypnopompic Dynamics


Louis Armand, The Meridian


Francis Russell, Baudrillard’s Endgame: The Question of Radical Politics


McKenzie Wark, Where Next for Media Theory?





Editors’ Introduction


Marcus Westbury, Renewing Newcastle


Norie Neumark & Maria Miranda, The Way We Do Things—Destabilized


Lisa Gye, From Information Literacy to Procedural Literacy: Or, How to Be Literate in Algorithmic Culture


Tony Thwaites, Three Ways of Going Crazy: Renewing Ourselves to Death


Robert Briggs, Transmission Interrupted: Renewing Education and Heritage


Jason Potts & Trent MacDonald, The Future of Cities as Non-Territorial Public Goods Clubs


Scott McQuire, Renewing the City: Digital Networks and the Renewal of Public Space





Editors’ Introduction


Robert Briggs & Niall Lucy, Art as Research?


Ken Miller, Graphology Relapse


Benjamin Forster, The Accumulation of Sediment


Martin Štefl, Stelarc and the Body


Nicole Pepperell, The Exorcism of Exorcism: The Enchantment of Materiality in Derrida and Marx


Jane Mummery, Proper Responses: On Spectrality


Glen Fuller, The Event Mechanics of Loyalty


Tero Karppi, Exploring Augmented Reality: On Users and Re-wiring the Senses


Tama Leaver, Michele Willson & Mark Balnaves, Transparency and the Ubiquity of Information Filtration?


Robert Briggs & Niall Lucy, Frame #1: ones & zeroes, light & shade (dimensions: 4, easter eggs: 3)


Darren Tofts, Unfinished Gesture #3


Clare Birchall, Peter Woodbridge & Gary Hall, How to Do Justice to Media Specificity: Or, Should This Video be Left to Speak for Itself?


Clare Birchall, Peter Woodbridge & Gary Hall, The Post-Secret State: Openness and Transparency in the Era of Gov 2.0


Tony Thwaites, Bound to Hear: Exergue and Interpellation


Chantal Faust, Becoming Undone


John Kinsella & Simon Critchley, Graphology Variorium 1-10


Baden Pailthorpe, Lingua Franca


Paul Bowman, Film Culture Crossover: Film Fight Choreography and the East/West Binary After Bruce Lee


Mark Amerika & Chad Mossholder, Shuffle Bag


Mark Amerika, Seminar




Ctrl-Z: New Media Philosophy

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