#1 (June 2012)


      editors: Robert Briggs & Niall Lucy


Frame #1: ones & zeroes, light & shade (dimensions: 4, easter eggs: 3)

… Robert Briggs & Niall Lucy

Unfinished Gesture #3

… Darren Tofts

How to Do Justice to Media Specificity: Or, Should This Video be Left to Speak for Itself?

… Clare Birchall, Peter Woodbridge & Gary Hall

The Post-Secret State: Openness and Transparency in the Era of Gov 2.0

… Clare Birchall, Peter Woodbridge & Gary Hall

Bound to Hear: Exergue and Interpellation

… Tony Thwaites

Becoming Undone

… Chantal Faust

Graphology Variorium 1-10

… John Kinsella & Simon Critchley

Lingua Franca

… Baden Pailthorpe

Film Culture Crossover: Film Fight Choreography and the East/West Binary After Bruce Lee

… Paul Bowman

Shuffle Bag

… Mark Amerika & Chad Mossholder


… Mark Amerika


Notes on Contributors